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Demonstration Site for Swim club system



  1. Enter your name on the first screen: (show list of existing swimmers)
    • You can enter your full name i.e. John Brown or just parts of it i.e. Jo Br
    • Use the up down keys to move through the names available and then press enter or click with the mouse to select your name.

New Swimmers:

    • If you are a new member click on the Add New Swimmer button:
      • You need to enter at least your First name and Surname, Male/female and whether you are a child or adult. The birthday is optional but is necessary if you plan to swim in championship events.
      • Once all details are entered press the Add button and you can then register to swim in this weeks events
  1. On the next screen you will see all the strokes and distances available, use the mouse to click on the ones you want to swim. You may also be able to select from a list of available form strokes.
  2. When they are all selected click on the Submit button to register for the selected events.
  3. The next screen shows a summary of what you have selected, check it and either click OK or click on Change to go back to the previous screen