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Demonstration Site for Swim club system


Define Event Groups

This screen allows you to define a group of events that are able to be registered for on a particular day. If you swim the same strokes every week then you only need one event group set up.

If you have cycle of events where different strokes are swum each week then set up and event group for each of the different weeks and on the date list screen add the appropriate event, for that week, to each date.

Another scenario could be you have a number of fixed events every week and a few variable events running throughout the season. In this case set up one event group for all the fixed events and a separate event group for each variable event (probably just one event per event group). On the screen where you define the dates you swim, you can add the fixed event group to every date and then add the appropriate variable event(s) for each date.

  • Add New Event Type

    • Click this to create a new event. A dialog will popup and you can enter:
      • Enter an event name then:
      • Just click create button to add the event.
      • or Select an existing event from the drop down list and click “Copy following Event”. The entire event will be copied to the new event.
  • Select Event Type

    • Use this drop down list to select one of the event groups you would like to look at or change.
  • Delete Selected Event

    • Click this button to delete an event. Note all lines must be deleted from an event first.
  • Change Description

    • If the event description is wrong change it to what you want.
  • Display
  • Record Entry Mode
  • List of Events Table
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Add Event Line
  • To add another event group click the “Add new event type” button, enter a description and click the “Create event” button. Then enter all the events in there order on the day.
  • Each of the events in the group can have the following defined:
    • Sequence number, this is used to order the events in the group, leave big gaps in the sequence numbers to allow for lines to be inserted. Note the sequence numbers are important as they decide the order of events. So if you add multiple groups to a single day they are also ordered using the sequence numbers.