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Demonstration Site for Swim club system


Android Tablets

Android tablets can be used to update the web site.

This allows a tablet to add heats, change lanes, change handicaps, add swimmer to a heat and enter heat results.

it does require the tablet to at least be connected to the internet at the beginning of the days racing to get the heat details but can run without an internet connection once the heats have been downloaded. If the tablet remains connected to the internet the changes or results are updated in real time as they are entered. If you don’t have internet access at the pool side then all the changes are stored until the tablet again get access at which point the web site is updated.

To try this out you will need to load the app “xxxxxxx” from Google play (not on Google play at this point).

You will need to link the app to :http://swimclubsite.com/demo” then enter the mac address of your tablet here