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Handicap Swimming Club System

Feature List

System Overview

  • Run a Handicap Based Swimming Club
  • Various customizations available to modify system suit most clubs
  • On line Registration for events
  • Print Heats with each swimmers handicap start time, Grouped by whatever way your club requires and in order of slowest to fastest heats.
  • Results entry
  • Various Reports and Enquires
  • Group emailing to members (Committee/all/squad …)
  • Track Payments
  • End of year point score
  • Championship events
  • Trophy list can be output at the end of each season (definable on how each trophy is won e.g. Handicap Points or scratch..)
  • The system runs under WordPress and you can set up your own static pages such as Home, About, location etc…
  • Optional Android Marshalling App to change swimmers and handicaps for each lane (used by starter to update the system from the pool side)
  • Optional Custom made Wireless starting and stopwatch system
  • Optionally integrated with Colorado Dolphin Timing System
  • Changes or additional features can be requested and added to the base system as required
  • A trial site can be set up quickly if you need to see if the system can run your club, before you have to subscribe to the system.

Continue on to the fully functioning Demo site or start reading the “How to” sections to find how to set up and use the system in you club.