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Handicap Swimming Club System


Handicap Swimming Club System


Read on and explore this web site if you are looking for a system to run a handicap orientated swimming club (can also be used for scratch or championship type racing, but is primarily aimed at handicap racing).

The major advantage of this system over other manual type systems is that swimmers can register online. All results are available online and can be viewed in many different ways including graphs of each swimmers times, fastest times, all the heats for any of the day as well as and many other types of reports.

Also available is a custom built wireless timing system. All results load seamlessly into the results system.

If you have a Dolphin wireless timing system then this can also be integrated into the system.

If not then you can use cheap android tablets to capture the results or change swimmers or lanes then if desired re-handicap a race on the fly. These are all interfaced directly to the website so all results are updated as they are entered.

Entry can also be done via the web site if you don’t use a timing system or Android devices.

Demo site is available here

Contact colin@swimclubsite.com for further info and availability